To best prepare for the CSIA Level 1 course you will need to do some reading ahead of time through the interactive online workshop.  This will help familiarize you with the vocabulary of the course content.

Online Workshop

Prior to the course start date please complete the Level 1 Eprep.  To do this, enter your member ID# (you received this with your registration confirmation) and your password at www.snowpro.com.  Now in your member profile you will find the Eprep tab to complete this important step.


CSIA Manual

Children’s Booklet

You will receive a course guide at the start of your course along with a CSIA Manual. (no need to print this)  The full manual is also available online,


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CSIA Skier Progression

CSIA Youtube Videos

Level 4 Exam Demonstrations Tactics

Skiing Skills

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Short Turns Technical Comparison

CSIA Technical Reference

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Technical Reference Videos

 Philosophy:   Skiing is a decision making sport where form is determined by function.

Technical Reference Points:  The CSIA Technical Reference is a set of guiding principles that describe the relationship between body and skis for efficient and effective skiing. The Technical Reference pertains to all abilities, ages, terrain and equipment and is relevant to all turn shapes, speeds and levels of performance.

Level 1-4 Training

– Technical Reference reads as follows:

– Use of all joints help maintain balance, providing the ability to manage forces acting on the ski and the skier.

– Turning is led by the lower body and ski design.

– Upper and lower body separation allows for angulation to provide grip.

– Coordinated movement patterns direct the forces acting on the skis and the momentum of the skier from turn to turn.


Reflective Learning (as an overriding Teaching Philosophy)

-Task – Reflection – Understand – Vary.


-Learning Contract – Situation – Skiing Objectives – Motor Skill Development.


-Mobility – Gliding – Speed Management – Direction Change.


  • If you like, there are also many videos posted you can take a look at the CSIA Youtube link.  Enjoy!

Canadian Technical Approach
Skiing Has Evolved!

Cold weather tips by Peter Lepinski

  1. Do not get fully dressed in your ski suit prior to coming to the hill as each day you will start with a classroom session. You may end up sweating and once outside you will chill off quickly. Be prepared to get fully dressed just prior to going on the hill. Your course conductor(s) will provide you with ample time.
  2. Bring extra clean dry socks and change into a pair just as you are ready to put your boots on. That way you do not have a moist pair on your feet. Use the socks you are removing or have a small towel to dry your feet before putting the new socks on.
  3. Each night ensure you remove your boot liners and dry them out thoroughly over a heat register.
  4. Each night ensure you dry out your gloves thoroughly over a heat register.
  5. Pack an extra sweat shirt or sweater in the event you may need to add on a layer.
  6. Make sure you have a good toque or helmet to keep your head warm, as you loose heat quickly through our head.
  7. Ensure you have a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes if snow is falling.
  8. Make sure you hydrate at each break. Dehydrating will cause you to loose body heat more rapidly than normal, causing discomfort faster.
  9. Bring snacks to have during breaks so your body has a source of fuel and energy. Cold weather taps energy more rapidly than in warm weather.
  10. Lastly, do not hesitate to approach the course conductor(s) and advise them of your situation if you are feeling cold or need a break. If you are focusing on how cold or hurt you are, you are not able to effectively learn and participate.
  11. The course conductor(s) are here to help you achieve and succeed.

A Technical Committee question


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Sunny On the Slopes

This video, “Sunny on the Slopes,” is a terrific story of a girl taking a series of lessons at Snow Valley and then progressing to Castle Mountain for some big mountain fun with her ski instructor Christina!

Vintage Alberta Slopes

Just for fun take a look at this video of Skiing Alberta circa 1960ish

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